Total Materia is the world’s most comprehensive materials database providing lightning fast access to properties for over 450,000 metals, polymers, ceramics and composites.


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Total Materia has a package and licensing option to suit your needs. From our smallest single user packages to our global corporate licenses, Total Materia offers exceptional added value to your engineering tasks.



Properties for 450,000+ Materials



Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites



Development Organizations International



International Cross-Reference Tables



Chemical Composition



Mechanical and Physical Properties



Multiple Material Comparison Options



3,000+ Sources for Advanced Data



150,000+ Stress-Strain Curves



35,000+ Materials with Cyclic Properties



Multiple Material Comparison Options



Data Export to CAE Software



Identification of Unknown Materials



Standard and Material Update Tracking


From our flagship metals database containing data for over 450,000 alloys to our
new non-metallics component PolyPLUS, Total Materia supplies the number one
resource for material properties. In Extended Range a unique resource of stressstrain,
fatigue data and much more assists in reducing critical data sourcing tasks
and opens more opportunities in design.

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Total Metals is by far the world’s largest database for metallic material properties and sits at the core of the Total Materia product offering serving as the gateway for an unparalleled collection of datasets and modules which serve the global engineering community.

Focused on providing standard metal properties data, Total Metals provides you with a staggering 15,000,000 property records for over 350,000 materials from 74 countries/standards.

The Challenges

  • Finding equivalents to foreign materials and comparing alternatives side by side
  • Searching for materials worldwide by specific chemical composition or mechanical properties
  • Deciphering material specifications and finding the correct grade for a specific application
  • Finding precise traceable and reliable mechanical, physical and other property data for various conditions and temperatures
  • Following the ever increasing pace of changes to national and international standards

The Solution: Total Materia – Total Metals

Total Metals module provides you with the ultimate solution for metals properties, cross-referencing, and knowledge, by integrating information from 74 Standard Development Organizations (SDOs), and hundreds of producers and other sources into the most comprehensive database in the world, powered with a superfast search engine.

PolyPLUS is the non-metallic material properties dataset for thousands of plastics, ceramics and composites covering both proprietary and standard materials and including advanced property datasets.

Integrated with the Total Metals database which contains over 350,000 metallic alloys, PolyPLUS allows Total Materia to be used as a truly one stop solution for your material needs.

The Challenges

  • Finding precise traceable standard and proprietary material property data for polymers, composites and ceramics
  • Simultaneous comparison of different kinds of metallic and non-metallic materials and finding the best alternatives
  • Sourcing rare advanced properties information for FEA/CAE calculations including stress-strain and fatigue data
  • Inefficiency of working from multiple resources covering metals and non-metals and across multiple business departments and disciplines

The Solution: Total Materia – PolyPLUS

The PolyPLUS module from Total Materia offers non-metallic material properties data for thousands of plastic, ceramic and composite materials covering a wide range of standard and advanced property information.

Total Materia’s Extended Range dataset provides an unparalleled material properties resource for advanced structural and thermal calculations and analysis including: stress-strain curves, formability diagrams, fatigue data and more.

The Challenges

  • Finding material data essential for advanced engineering calculations and computer aided engineering (CAE) and finite element analysis (FEA) simulations
  • Obtaining stress-strain curves at various temperatures and at different strain rates
  • Comparing fatigue properties of different origins for example American, European and Asian materials

The Solution: Total Materia – Extended Range

Extended Range offers a unique collection of advanced property data for use in critical design activities and brings effortless efficiency to the extremely time consuming task of finding reliable material property information, specifically for advanced linear and non-linear calculations. To achieve this, experimental data from over 3,000 references and documents, dating from 90 years ago to the most recent sources, have been processed and included using a proprietary data acquisition methodology.

DataPLUS is a supplementary module providing data subsets covering joints information, lubricants and coolants, material dimensions, tribology, and coatings for thousands of metallic and non-metallic materials.

In synergy with the primary materials databases, Total Metals and PolyPLUS, DataPLUS supports and supplements key industrial application decisions by helping make accurate and considered choices relating to material selection and usage.

The Challenges

  • Material and consumables selection for successful welding operations
  • Finding coatings and their properties related to materials in one unified platform
  • Communicating between engineering and purchasing avoiding potential errors

The Solution: Total Materia – DataPLUS

DataPLUS covers a wide range of information within its five data sub-sets acting as a critical additional resource for the process of material selection. Completely integrated, DataPLUS connects seamlessly to other key information such as chemical composition, tables of equivalent materials, mechanical and physical properties, which means viewing the bigger picture is effortless.

Enviro is an additional data module providing corrosion data, irradiation, weathering and aging information for thousands of metallic and non-metallic materials.

In synergy with the primary material databases, Total Metals and PolyPLUS, Enviro aids material application decisions by providing a comprehensive understanding of material behavior under the influence of a range of diversified impactful effects.

The Challenges

  • Risks and potential catastrophic failures in exploitation
  • Predicting product life under a range of influences deriving from external effects
  • Ever increasing quality and performance challenges during product useful life
  • Supporting innovation by aiding complete and thorough material selection decisions

The Solution: Total Materia – Enviro

Enviro focusses on four complimentary datasets which provide even more breadth and depth to the information provided within the fully integrated platform of Total Materia. Covering corrosion, weatherability, irradiation and different types of aging effects, Enviro provides a key source of information to design, manufacture and sell products of greater quality and longevity in to the market place.

The Compliance module provides a single source of information about global regulations for materials and substances.

Comprising inventory lists, hazard identification, transport information and much more for thousands of materials, Compliance includes international regulations, such as REACH and RoHS, national, from the US to Japan, China and Russia, as well as specialized regulations such as food industry, water and sanitation, all integrated and searchable with material properties information.

The Challenges

  • Costly penalties and exclusion from the market resulting from noncompliance
  • Deciphering complex and diversified rules in different countries and even regions
  • Staying up-to-date with ever changing rules and regulations
  • Huge time and effort needed to gather information and apply it to the product line

The Solution: Total Materia – Compliance

The Compliance module offers a global view of up-to-date regulations for both materials and substances, allowing businesses to keep pace with the ever increasing pressure for companies to meet their legal obligations related to their products, components and the materials they use. Compliance helps in a variety of complex tasks such as the design and launch of a new product, converting an existing portfolio to meet regulatory guidelines, approving vendors, controlling materials and more.

The Suppliers module in synergy with the Total Metals module gives you precise connections between material specifications and suppliers from all over the world.

Allowing a direct link between materials of interest and finding suppliers across the globe, Suppliers allows for maximized communication and a critical starting point for the purchasing process.

The Challenges

  • Checking for suitable suppliers quickly according to a range of selected materials
  • Coping with price volatility and meeting tight deadlines for material delivery by searching for alternatives in lower cost countries
  • Finding material suppliers in other countries to help coordinate global purchasing activities
  • Improving communication between engineering, purchasing and manufacturing

The Solution: Total Materia – Suppliers

Maximizing efficiency between engineering and purchasing cross functional activities, Suppliers gives excellent time saving opportunities through three main benefits.

SmartComp, the add on module from Total Materia allows intelligent metal identification by chemical composition obtained from spectrometer or other analytical sources.

Using a patented algorithm, SmartComp can eliminate a huge amount of working time dedicated to research and increases efficiency and functionality of laboratory and inspection business activities by allowing fast, multi-criteria material identification. Owing to integration with Total Materia, material property details and cross referencing to be viewed in seconds, and compared with other alternatives if needed.

The Challenges

  • Carrying out complex material identification studies from only chemical composition as a highly experienced expert would do
  • Reducing thousands of working hours spent in research to identify materials and this is even sometimes in vain
  • Driving down high costs associated with acquiring specifications and standards
  • Reducing rework and scrap in the manufacturing environment through effective root cause identification of plant process errors

The Solution: Total Materia – SmartComp

The new generation of spectrometers can generate a material chemical analysis in seconds but how do you then identify the other critical information of the material like grade, origin, and its properties and equivalents. Starting from simply entered chemical analysis as obtained from spectrometer, by using patented algrorithm SmartComp is able to identify matching grades from all over the world, thus dramatically increasing the usability of analysis and overall functionality of laboratory.

eXporter is the add on module which primarily helps bridge the gap between data source and computer aided engineering (CAE) software. Whether you want to move data from Total Materia directly to CAE software or simply export in excel or .xml, eXporter provides all the functionality you need. In a form of a simple 3-step wizard, it provides multiple-format data exports in mere seconds.

The Challenges

  • Finding advanced property data for linear and non-linear CAE calculations in a ready to use solver format
  • Importing data from source into CAE software without the need for additional data processing, copying, pasting and retyping
  • Obtaining reliable inputs for material properties thus avoiding dangerous and costly errors
  • Carrying out multiple and repeatable design tasks in the most efficient way possible

The Solution: Total Materia – eXporter

Total Materia’s eXporter module works seamlessly with Total Metals and Extended Range data modules to allow properties information to be exported in a format especially developed for the top CAE solvers.

In today’s ever increasing pace of changing international standards, and producer specifications, Tracker is the Total Materia answer to your critical material traceability needs.

Providing a bulletin style monthly notification service, Tracker allows, not only important standard and material updates to be monitored but even gives information on exactly what has changed within the material, whether it be updates to important properties data, addition of completely new datasets, or a simple update to version details.

The Challenges

  • Ensuring the most up to date information available is being used for the job
  • Providing reliable, accurate and traceable information to other areas of the business
  • Staying up to date with material, standard and specification changes
  • Contributing to company best practices relating to information usage, configuration management and overall process quality

The Solution: Total Materia – Tracker

Tracker is the add on module from Total Materia which deals with the important challenge of how to make sure that the data being used is the most up to date and therefore most reliable information available. See exactly what has changed within the database and when from standard version updates to property data changes.

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